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Joao Parada &
Savana Barreau

The Brazilian boy touch meeting the West Coast of France lady in GENEVA. That mix is on fire !

Pure talent on the floor and natural generosity outside.

They will bring their magic dance ability to you...

Rock and Smooth - Joao & Savana will take care of your RS souvenir.


Paul Warden & Coleen Man

The most frenchy english couple!

First generation of European WCS dancers and teachers.

They know what you need so close your eyes and let it roll...

When comes the party, don't worry baby... Paul & Coleen saying : "All eyes on Me"


Igor Pitangui &
Laurena Houhou

Caliente - Chaud - Hot !

Master your dance with these 2 lovely people...

He's like a cat who never fall !

She's like a tiger who never bite !

Shining and Smiling - They will teach you their favorite tricks...


Olivier & Virginie Massart

It's like a good wine ... getting old so getting better!

At least, if Olivier has to wear a mask, for once... he will have something on his head ! LoL

Virgie will make you step right like she makes her new born baby girl eat ;)

They are so excited to be back on track with you !


Henriette KOEFOED

She is the most frenchy of Denmark

She is the sweetest person in the dancing world

But don't even think about dancing your final without your number cuz she will run Jack&Jill's like a mini BOSS !


Miguel & Virginie

Caliente - Hot - Chaleuuuuur !

Any variation she throws... it goes varial.

Any new move he creates... everyone steals it.

Together for the first time at Rolling Swing ... They will rock the floor !


Pierre-Yves "PY" & Cyrielle "CYCY"

Pour votre Jack & Jill, Py peut tout faire :

En un "click", vous êtes inscrit ...

En un "Bonjour" sur place, vous avez votre numéro...

Par contre, pour votre classement final... heu faut pas pousser quand même!

CYCY : en 3 minutes 14 secondes, elle vous change votre vie en vous inscrivant à votre premier J&J... peut être même le dernier LOL

Capture d’écran 2021-07-07 à 17.29.38.png


Avec son engin, il peut faire des miracles !


Lorsque vous danserez sur de la musique lente et langoureuse ... lui, il sera en mode FLASH.

Pour immortaliser le moment, il sera votre homme!


Aurélie BLEUSE

En live, en différé, en replay... Vos performances sur le dancefloor seront capturées par Aurélie!

Pas besoin de zoom, notre Steven Spielberg ne loupera aucunes de vos variations!

Souriez vous êtes filmés ;)



Arnaud will be leading your nights !

When he ll say "Last 3 songs" before breakfast you know it's gonna be 4 or 5 !

If he is not behind the DJ booth ... have a look around the bar just in case :) If not ... then find on the floor !



DJ 20 Cent


Vincent is coming from TOU LOUSE

but he's there for you TO WIN :)

Even though he will take care about your social time!

His playlists are like a french MACARON :

Soft, crunchy and so tasty !

Dance once ... he will watch then play what you need next.



DJ Bro

Armand is defintely Rock enough!

You all love his sets and so we do :)

When you are a dancer you know what dancers love to dance on...

Late night or not, let's jam on his tracks!





​She is like a modern ghost - You might not see her but hiding somewhere, she is filming you :)


Alexandra will make Rolling Swing alive on all Social Media!

Follow her on Instagram @saskamedia so you can follow all our french events ...


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